Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ENCOURAGE: #hebrewsthree13

"I don't feel like anyone will support me..."

"To me, it's so hard to pursue and go after your 'dreams' when you feel like you're the only one dreaming..."

"... If I am honest, a lack of confidence..."

"... But lack of support always holds me back"

"I'm scared that I will discover that no one is there to help or encourage me..."

These are just a few statements I received when I asked about twenty women (and my dad) what holds them back from pursuing their dreams... Doesn't that just break your heart? 

I'm not gonna lie... I expected to see that to some degree as I've dealt with those same thoughts or feelings at some point, but I didn't realize how prevalent it was in the lives of others. The hardest part to swallow is that often when we find ourselves not being poured into, we have nothing to pour out. 

So let's do it...  

Let's break the crappy trend and come against the lie that says "self" is more important than those around us... the one that leaves us feeling alone and discourages us from helping others in the pursuit of their dreams and callings.

Let us resolve to love God and love people.
Let us...

Let's make a difference.


... and here's how...

Pick a person for the day... Spouse. Friend. Kiddo. Bank Teller. Pastor. Co-Worker. Anyone. 

Encourage them for a day in any way you can. Whether a shout-out through social media (#hebrewsthree13), a small gift, several encouraging texts, a phone call... or just showing support by buying what they sell or promoting the book they wrote... let them know how great they are and that they are worth the recognition and being loved on.

Pray. Words can build people up for the moment, but prayers to a loving God can change lives. Commit the entire day to praying for this person. Every time you sit down to eat with your kids or are driving home from work, take a moment and lift them up to the Lord. 

Repeat. Commit to doing this as many days and with as many people as you'd like… two or two hundred. I’d argue that the more often you do it, the more natural it’ll become and soon you’ll find yourself actually being blessed and encouraged just by putting others before yourself. 


My purpose and prayer behind this #hebrewsthree13 challenge is simple:


Have a blessed day friends 
by blessing those around you 
with encouraging words!



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