Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dear Mom: You're Great.

With it being Mother’s Day tomorrow and all, I have a question for you…

What do you think makes a great mom?

Does she spend countless hours rocking her sweet baby girl to sleep, spending that precious time together?
Or does she choose to let her baby cry a little in order to spend time with her husband and the rest of the family?

Does she allow her son to fall off the couch in order to learn from his mistakes?
Or does she catch him and save him from the pain?

Does she go to work to help pay for those fun family vacations?
Or does she stay home with kids to be there for their every need?

Does she spend her free time catching up on the laundry?
Or does she play trucks on the floor?

Does she encourage her children to imagine and play together?
Or does she fill their day with fun activities to do?

Does she send her kids to school where they can meet new friends and learn new things?
Or does she spend her day homeschooling and instilling in them what she thinks they need to learn?

Does she tell her daughter to brush it off and have self-control when she falls?
Or does she rush her to the couch with an ice pack and a lollipop?

Does she err on the side of giving too much grace as to not be too strict?
Or does she err on the side of constant correction as to not be too lenient?

Does she change her daughter’s hair five times every morning until she is happy and confident?
Or does she teach her daughter to be grateful and content with what she has?

Does she give her grown daughter space and respect her privacy?
Or does she constantly seek communication to ensure they never drift apart?

Does she view her grown son as her baby boy whom she raised and still would do anything for?
Or does she view him as now a husband and father whom she respects?

Does she focus on her children and grandchildren as they begin their lives?
Or does she focus on her own mother whose life is coming to an end?

Does she look back on her life and wish she had cared or loved more?
Or does she look back and know in her heart that she did the best she could?

Maybe a great mom does all of these things… Maybe she doesn’t do any of them…  

What if the thing that makes a mom great is that she has a purpose and direction in everything she does- regardless of what that is. She tries to make sure her decisions aren’t flippant or based on emotion, but rather contemplated and established ahead of time so she knows how to handle most things that come her way. She tries to not focus on the actions themselves, rather the reason, intention and the outcome of those actions.  She doesn’t necessarily go with the flow of society or just follow in the footsteps of her own mom, but meditates on what is right for her children and what will help grow them into amazing men and women. She is grounded in her faith and in the conviction of her decisions. She strives to have the perfect balance of control and trust, passivity and assertiveness, humility and confidence, grace and strength, mistakes and growth. She isn’t afraid to admit when she is wrong and is quick to forgive others. She is not perfect, nor does she pretend to be.  She is the first one awake and the last to go to sleep. She comes in all ages, shapes and sizes. She is great. She is your neighbor… your friend… your bank teller… she is you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there. 
I wish I could hug you all!

"Many women have done excellently,
but you surpass them all"
-Proverbs 31:29