Monday, November 9, 2015

{Fashioned with a Purpose} Featuring: KEEP Collective

From the believers who brought you STELLA & DOT comes the next generation of FLEXIBLE ENTREPRENEURSHIP for women. We share a deep belief that living a HAPPY LIFE comes from always keeping in mind what truly matters. Our mission at KEEP is to give every woman the means to create her ONE-OF-A-KIND LIFE.



Y'all, I am so excited for this week's featured fashion company! It was introduced to me by my amazing friend Pam, who is a fabulous and loving new mom to the cutest little boy.  And as many new moms, she is trying to find that perfect balance between family, passion, and work. What is so great about this company is the opportunity it affords to women, such as Pam, who are looking for ways to not only expand their income, but their entrepreneurial skills as well...

"I personally found Keep through a work interaction.  While helping a customer, I began to admire her keeper when she explained to me the mission and vision behind the company.  Something stuck with me that day from our interaction, but being nine months pregnant I definitely had more pressing thoughts on my mind.  I ended up keeping her designer business card on my nightstand throughout my maternity leave and had recurring thoughts that this may be the route for me to try out my entrepreneurial passion.  Sure enough I signed up with Keep just a little over a month ago and have been blown away! My mentor, coincidentally, is the same woman I encountered in my store four months ago.  Keep is giving me the opportunity to explore design, use my education, remain flexible to the needs of my career and contribute to my household. Especially after returning to work full time and leaving my son at home, Keep allows me to carry my family close each day.  It reminds me of who I am and what's next!"
-Designer Pamela Schell

So what exactly is KEEP? It takes the uniqueness of a simple charm bracelet and other jewelry to a whole new stylish and classy level. The possibilities and designs are endless with the variety of keepers (bands/necklaces) and keys (charms) available-
perfect for my always-changing taste when it comes to jewelry AND for
helping cover up my less-than-beautiful FitBit!

This is my current design. I'm in love! 
Oh, and did I mention the band is reversible? Sweet.

Another important aspect to note is that KEEP brings in outstanding quality to each piece. Ionic plated metal, patented key design, genuine leather and unique gemstones are all incorporated into modern and fashion-forward staples. From time keepers to necklaces, you can showcase your own unique mood and story.

So friends, you should take a moment and take a PEEK at KEEP
and share your own story wherever you go...!

Are you wanting to have a mock up design made before purchasing?


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Are you instantly hooked and wanting to become a designer yourself?



She will be more than happy to hook you up!

Happy Designing Friends... and have a Blessed Day!!!

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