Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Being Intentional With Love.

I want to help the world. That is a genuinely honest straight-from-the-heart fact

Every morning when I turn on the news and see terrible story after terrible story, I begin to brainstorm about how I am personally going to change the lives of these hurting people. I'm not one who is content to just sit there and hear about how all these children are being abused and do nothing about it. No, I am going to make it right. I am an Olivia Pope (with a straighter moral compass of course). I am a fixer. My mind starts to devise ways that I can help people across the globe in big ways. And let me just tell you, I've had some pretty spectacular plans if I do say so myself. I don't want to give away all my tactics, but they range from: simply running into the local missing girl at the grocery store to winning the lottery in order to buy thousands of houses for the Nepal earthquake victims (obviously very feasible plans).

That is, until reality hits and my woman of valor bubble is bursted when my three-year-old boy comes in soaking wet after an accident. I am quickly reminded that the only thing I will try to save that day is the mattress from getting stained and maybe a baby bunny that has a death wish trying to survive in our backyard with two great big dogs. And to be honest, that's okay with me. (After all, what heroine has braces? I mean, really?) 

Yes, I'd love to be able to impact the world in a great and astounding way in order to better peoples' lives, but aside from the fact that I may completely lack the skill set or resources to do such things, it may be as simple as, that's not what I'm here for (Besides, I can't quite live up to the standard of the One who literally saved the world already. He kind of set the bar high on that one [John 3:16, Romans 5:8, 1 Timothy 1:15]). 

It may be that the only thing I'm here for and/or capable of is to love and encourage those around me; to share the steadfast love of Jesus with those hurting so that they may then turn and share it with others. The ripple effect of just introducing someone to a God full of grace and mercy is immeasurable. I guess impacting the world can look as simple as loving your neighbor... raising your children to honor and respect... sponsoring a child in need... or praying for those hurting on the news. It doesn't take creating a non-profit organization or winning the lottery or randomly encountering the President to make a difference... it simply takes being intentional with love.