Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Questions to Ask Your Kindergartner About School

It's here... That time when we have to admit that our "babies" really are big kids now, heading into the world of endless homework and friends and our "say" about their day is limited to what they get in their lunchbox and how they get to and from school. We just have to sit back, hope, trust, and pray that at the end of the day, we hear nothing but how much they love school... !

But if your children are anything like mine, it'll be like pulling teeth to get any information from them. My preschooler's response to, "What did you learn today" is usually, "I don't remember." I have found that if I wait until about an hour after school to ask questions and only ask one every few minutes, they are more prone to tell me more details and be able to give me real answers.

Below is the list of questions I put together to help me focus on what to talk about with my girls this year while they are in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Some are simple and fun, others... well... they may feel awkward asking and can be pretty serious and possibly open up to hard conversations. But those are the questions that are some of the most important ones. I wish we lived in a society where we could totally trust that our kids are safe and keep them unexposed to some horrible things in life, but unfortunately we can't always control what happens. But what we can control is creating an environment in the home where our children feel safe to be transparent and honest about not only the good things, but the bad.

The key is to ask these questions from a place of love. To speak truth, not fear. If he/she doesn't answer right away, don't overreact. Just use your discernment and go from there. If he/she is off in "la-la land," don't push the question. Move on to another one or ask them at dinner for the whole family to hear. If you feel they are truly hiding something, try and rephrase the question or wait to ask it again until later in the day when they are more vulnerable to open up.

Again, this list is just to help give you some ideas on what to talk about with your kiddos. If you have older kids, change the verbiage, add or subtract some questions. Make the questions fit your family..

Bottom line is just to ask. We need to be a generation of parents that care about our kids and what goes on during the day when we're not there. We need to be "present" even when we're not present.

Hope you and your kids have a great school year and enjoy growing closer together while they grow as individuals!!!