Friday, August 15, 2014

The Time is Now.

I woke up this morning thinking about how good that freshly brewed coffee smelled and that I could use fifteen more minutes of sleep. After I managed to roll out of bed, I began thinking about my day and what I could do fun with the kiddos. Our conversation at breakfast consisted of what we were going to have for lunch and how I may get them a cake pop at Starbucks when we run errands. Just an ordinary day in the Rettedal home...

... that is... until I watched this video...

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... and then started reading these articles...

My world was severely rocked. I just broke down crying, mainly because my heart breaks for those involved, but also because I feel so ashamed that I am so consumed on a daily basis with my own little world.

When you read about my morning, did you see any mention of me praying for those in need or the kids and I going to give a casserole to a lonely widow? Me neither. It's usually all about us. Our needs. Our desires. Now, I understand that my primary focus aside from God is my family, but it shouldn't stop there. Time and time again the Word of God instructs us to love others and help those in need.

"For there will never cease to be poor in the land.
Therefore I command you, 
'You shall open wide your hand to your brother,
to the needy and to the poor,
in your land.'"
-Deut. 15:11

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly;
defend the rights of the poor and needy"
-Proverbs 31:8-9

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have,
for such sacrifices are please to God."
-Hebrews 13:16

So that is exactly what I'm going to do. I don't have many resources or the capability to fly oversees to hold the hands of a mom whose child was beheaded, but I do have an Almighty loving God whose hand is mightier than an entire army. A God who hears our cries and petitions and is a refuge to those in times of affliction.

"The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.
And those who know Your name will put their trust in You;
for You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you."
-Psalm 9:9-10

"For he will deliver the needy who cry out,
the afflicted who have no one to help.
He will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death.
He will rescue them from oppression and violence,
for precious is their blood in his sight"
-Psalm 72:12-14

Well that time is now. There are people being targeted and tormented, being beheaded and buried alive. It is such a harsh and horrific thought, but it is the truth. These people aren't worried about what's for lunch, they're worried about if they will ever be free from persecution.

I am committing today, and everyday, to lift them up, not just with a two second blanket prayer of "Lord, please help those who need help," but with true pleading and petitioning for those who are defenseless and living in fear, just as Nehemiah did for Jerusalem.. 

"... O LORD God of heaven, the great and awesome God who keeps
covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep 
his commandments, let your ear be attentive and your eyes open,
to hear the prayer of your servant that I now pray before you
day and night for the people of Israel your servants..."
-Nehemiah 1:5-6

These people need God. They need the power of prayer. 

Thanks to the loving hearts of a couple individuals, tomorrow, Saturday the 16th, at 8am MST, hundreds of people from all over will be coming together to pray for those afflicted. Join us in praying for those aiding and serving the refugees. For the military personnel risking their lives to ensure the safety of others. For President Obama and his advisors, that they may have wisdom and discernment on how to proceed. 

It doesn't matter who you are or where you are. God hears you.

"And this is the confidence that we have toward him,
that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us"
-1 John 5:14


Don't pray when you feel like it.
Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it.
A man is powerful on his knees.
-Corrie Ten Boom