Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sweet Saturdays: 'Nana Split Ice Cream

I love traditions. It gives everyone something to look forward to and always remember.  Since moving to Oklahoma, we have started a new tradition of having Sweet Saturdays- a special treat after dinner every Saturday. We're not too big into desserts around here, so this gives our kiddos a chance to have something sweet and tasty at least once a week. It's been so fun coming up with something new week after week and having the girls help me in the kitchen. We have made some memories for sure!

One of my favorites so far was banana ice cream. It was so simple, but still SO YUMMY. I'm not a fan of ice cream, but I definitely could eat this on a regular basis.

All you need for banana ice cream is.... bananas. Yep. That's it. So instead of tossing those brown bananas, cut them up, put on parchment paper and freeze.

Once frozen, put the banana slices in the food processor and blend until you have a smooth consistency. I actually add a touch of almond milk to make it a little creamier for the kiddos to eat. After it is all blended, you're done! You can add whatever toppings you'd like. Last week, we did a banana split flavor, so we added mini chocolate chips and strawberry slices. Delicious and semi-nutricious. 

There you have it folks! Something sweet for your Saturday.

Have a great weekend!