Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Well, here they are... pictures of our new house! Finally, right?! I've so been looking forward to sharing these, especially with our friends and family back in CO that won't get to see the house in person. And per some of y'all's requests, I tried to take as detailed of pictures as possible. 

Just note two things:

  1. I stink at taking pictures of anything other than human beings. Also, the only "camera" I have currently is my iPhone. So ignore the lack of photo skills.
  2. Not EVERYTHING is done, but this will give you a sense of our home =)

Hope you enjoy your little tour...!

Home Sweet Home


Kitchen/Family Room

JoJo's Office

Master Room/Bath

(walls are actually light gray. poor photo skills + iphone = green walls)

Guest Room/Bath



Girls' Room/Bath

(ugh. wish i had a great camera. walls are mint green, not this lime color)

Cobi's Room/Jack-n-Jill Bath/Aksel's Room


Last, But Certainly Not Least... The Must-Have... STORM SHELTER

There it is folks. A glimpse into our home. The pictures don't do the house justice so you should just plan a visit to Edmond, OK and see it for yourself ;)