Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's OK..

The last six days have been hard, challenging, long and exhausting...

Last Wednesday, my husband Joe was given two offers to work for two different companies. This, in itself, was a huge blessing since he had been unemployed since last November after being laid off. Both were equally great opportunities with great pay. The problem was, one was local but would require him to travel the first ninety days and then 30%+ of his time after that, while the other would require us to relocate to Oklahoma City. We were left with the choice for him to be away from the kids and I a lot of the time OR to move away from all our family and friends.

The next few days our minds and emotions bounced around like ping-pong balls. One minute we would be on board for staying and dealing with the travel time, the next we would be looking at houses in OKC. The roller coaster of what we were going to do was draining. Thinking it would help, we wrote a pros and cons list for each company together.... which did not help us out since the number of pros and cons were even for both companies. It felt like we were getting nowhere and the deadline to respond to the offers kept getting closer and closer...

Sunday morning, on the way to church, I asked Joe where he was at as far as the two companies were concerned. He was 90/10 (in favor of OKC) and I was 70/30. Something in me knew that is where we would end up, but my flesh kept fighting it. I DID NOT want to leave my family and what has been my home for 28 years. I was comfortable. I was fine not being stretched or having to test my faith. All I wanted was for God to answer our prayers for Joe to get an amazing job here and nothing else change. But deep inside I knew that wasn't going to happen.

Sure enough, the message Pastor Darius spoke that morning went straight to the core and we knew what we were supposed to do. The decision to move to OKC kept being confirmed throughout the day. By Sunday evening, we both had that tangible peace that we had been praying for for DAYS. It was then that I knew no matter what happened, we were going to be okay.

The hardest part of this journey will be leaving the people we love. There is such blessing in being minutes away from loved ones and having most of your immediate family at every soccer game, birthday party or holiday gathering and we are having to walk away from that. So while we know this next season of life may not be ideal or the easiest, we just have to put our faith and trust in God that we will see the purpose in it and be able to find joy in the new experiences.

I have to admit, I already have eight houses picked out and just the thought of being able to fit our family of six in a good sized home without paying a ton gets me really excited! This is gonna be good... Hard, but good...

Thank you to all of you who have supported us over the years. We will miss each and every one of you. We will obviously come visit as much as possible! And if you're ever in the OKC area, we will actually have a house big enough to have a guest room, so give us a shout!

All Our Love,

{The Rettedals}

Joe, Ali, Addison, Jaelyn, Jacobi, Aksel

See you soon Oklahoma...

P.S. Stay tuned for future blogs full of details, experiences and moving mishaps!