Wednesday, February 5, 2014

.: favorite iphone photo apps :.

Lately, I've had a few people ask what apps I use for my iPhone photos... so I thought I'd share some of my favorites with y'all! I'm not an expert on these things, but I'll definitely highlight some pros and cons as well as include an example of a touched up photo from each of them... So let's do this. 

So to start, here is the original photo I took:

1. One of my FAVORITE photo apps is: VSCOCam. This has the cutest filters. I like "old school" looking photos and this app is full of them! The downside is you do have to do in-app purchases if you want all of the filters (and I totally did). But the handful you originally get with the standard app is great! In fact, those are some of my favorite ones. You can also do some minor editing which is nice, but I usually just use basic cropping and the filters.

2. A Beautiful Mess (ABM) is right up there at the top of the list. This app is full of CUTE doodles, borders and sayings. The downside is there aren't too many filters, so I generally touch up my photos in VSCOCam, then open them up in ABM to add some "flare."I love some of the cute sayings they have to add to your photo, as well as the option to write your own text. Definitely a "must have" if you like adding pizzazz to your pictures. 

3. I found OBaby not too long ago. I wish I had known about this before I started having kiddos. This is definitely for those who are expecting or have little kiddos. You can add sayings, pictures, milestones, names, etc to all your pictures throughout pregnancy and then into the early years. There are a TON of in-app purchases if you are looking for specific "stamps," but the standard borders, doodles, dates and texts are good enough for me! So if you are pregnant or just had a baby, I'd look into this one! Would be a great way to document milestones through pictures. 

4. LINE Camera is great for basic filters and frames. You can purchase stamps and other things in the app, but they aren't worth it to me. This is another one I use to touch up the photo, then shoot to a different app to add "flare" to it. My favorite filters are: Clear (used here), Baby, Emerald, Toy, Romance & Lovely (used here).

5. If you are looking for something that does more of photo editing than just filters, you'll like Snapseed. It doesn't have too much of the crazy photo adjustments like other apps. My favorite feature is the "Automatic" touch up. Just like iPhoto or other programs, it automatically adjusts your picture to look better. I also like "Tilt-Shift"feature and the frame options. This app is great just to enhance your photos. 

6. Afterlight is definitely the app you want if you like doing landscape or scenic pictures. It's great for pictures with people as well, but all of its cropping features (letters, numbers, shapes) are best used with scenery. Also, it has a GREAT selection of filters. Like most, there are in-app purchases, but again, the basics are good enough.

7. I absolutely LOVE putting collages together. I've had a few different apps in the past, but InstaCollage is my favorite. I can't stand the ads that pop up all the time, but the fact that you can adjust the frame size within the collage is worth it to me. 

8. Tired of generic filters? BeFunky has anything, but that. It has all of the crazy weird filters that you want. It also has frames, basic editing and cropping. I don't use this one TOO often, but if I'm looking to make some of my pictures "pop" or just look unique, this is what I use.

9. Last but not least, PicLab. This app covers all of your basics from cropping to filters to text. It has a lot of in-app purchases, but the standard definitely gets the job done.

So there you have it! Happy Photo Editing.