Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Mother of All Baby Books

Have you ever had lifelong goals that lasted... oh... a week? I have. A few actually. But I regret one particular failed attempt: scrapbooking. When I was pregnant, I had every intention of making cute baby books for my kids. I was going to document my pregnancies, their "firsts", everything... And to make it easier, I bought a couple of those pre-made ones that all you did was paste pictures and fill the blanks. But apparently, answering questions like, "What is baby's favorite game to play?" was too much work for me at the time...

So, after years of having piles and piles of artwork, doctors' growth charts, thousands of digital pictures, and random pieces of paper with memories on them, I decided to put my project back into motion. I figured the longer I waited, the harder it was going to be to go "back in time."  (And it didn't help that I was running out of storage room). I thought about filling out the baby books that I had purchased, but I didn't care about some of the sections and they didn't allow room for too many pictures. I didn't want to have to do that AND print a million pictures to make a baby album... So, thanks to my friend Shutterfly, I decided to make an all-encompassing baby book online!

The thing I love about it, is I can put EVERYTHING I have in it. I scanned all the kids' artwork and took pictures of all the "bulky crafts" they did to include in the book. So from pictures to milestones to projects... it is all in one place. 

My goal is to create a book every few years for each kid... So from 0-3 years, Preschool-Pre-K, Kindergarten- Second Grade, and so on..  and never show them. Then, when the kids either graduate from college, get married or have a baby, I plan to present all the books to them. Won't that be neat? I like to think so...

After doing a couple of books I have to say, I'm hooked. I love being able to pick up my computer when I have a free moment and work on them with no mess! It also saves all your projects so even after you printed your finished book, it is still online in case anything ever happened to your book(s). 

So, if you are stuck on what to do with all the kiddos' stuff, I'd start here... Happy Scrapbooking!