Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Lego Table: The Perfect Gift for a Toddler Boy

I have two sons, two daughters, four nieces and a nephew ALL five years old or younger. That is a lot of gifts to get throughout the year! And the problem is I feel like I give the same type of gift every occasion... So this year, we got a little more creative with my son and nephew for Christmas. We made Lego Duplo tables.. Well... my husband did... He's so handy!
Anyways, the boys (and their older sisters) loved them! Here's how to make them:

  • Lego/Lego Duplo building plate (ours was 18"x18")
  • Plywood Panel (same measurements as your building plate with an additional 1-2 inches on each edge)
  • 4 pieces of 2x4 (or 4x4 for a more sturdy table) wood each measuring 18'' in length for the legs (you can adjust to the height of your child)... We got ours in the clearance section of the store!
  • Quarter Round (enough to put on all the edges of the plywood.. top and bottom)
  • Paint
  • Wood glue
  • Small Nails (long enough to go through the quarter round into the plywood)
  • 8-16 Screws (length will depend on thickness of plywood)


First, make pilot holes (which are holes a bit smaller than your screw so the wood won't split) in the plywood corners and in the legs where they will attach (two holes per leg for a 2x2, four holes per leg for a 4x4). Once the holes are made, apply glue to the top of the legs and attach them to the bottom of the plywood panel. Once set, drill the screws into your pilot holes.

Then, apply the quarter round on both the top edges of the plywood panel as well as the bottom using wood glue and then reinforcing with small nails. This gives it the smooth rounded edge look.
(Note: You will have to cut the quarter round at the corners for them to fit together nicely.. This is probably the hardest part). 

Once all assembled, fill any gaps or holes with caulk. As soon as that is dry, sand out any rough edges and then you are ready to paint!

My husband used a few of these colors & a stencil to get the digi camo effect

Once it is all dry, attach the Lego plate with wood glue and you're done!  

Finished Table with 4x4 legs

Wrapped Up Nicely for Our Nephew