Saturday, March 10, 2012

more fun with the kiddos.

It's been awhile since I've posted about some of the fun things the girls & I have been doing...
So here is a handful for ya!

Balloon Ping Pong

Paper Plates. Popsicle Sticks. Balloons.

My girls tend to want what the other has, so we printed a picture of our faces & glued them on to each of the paddles so they would know which one belonged to them.  They also had fun coloring them before we played!

Finger Painting

Large Drawing Paper. Finger Paint. Paper Plate
Plastic Toys with Textures (ie. blocks with letters, peas, plastic car with wheels).

Rather than having the girls just use their fingers, I pulled out a few plastic toys that had different designs or textures on them and had the girls use those to make prints on the paper.  I put a few dabs of paint on a paper plate, let them explore with the toys and after a while showed them how to use their fingers. They LOVED it! 

Car Magnetic Trays

Metal Cookie Sheets. Spray Paint. Magnetic sheets/strips. Small Toys, Books, and/or Puzzles

For the trays, I purchased a couple of small cookie sheets from the dollar store & spray painted them just to add flare.  I knew we had six hours of driving coming up for a day trip to Wyoming so I bought a ton of little toys, books, puzzles, dominoes, etc from the dollar store & added magnetic strips to the back of all of them. I did find out the hard way that you need to make sure the magnet strength is strong. Otherwise, they don't stick well & that defeats the purpose of the whole thing... ! I can't promise that this will keep your kids entertained for hours, but it did put a good dent in our driving time!!!

Count with Easter Eggs

Plastic Easter Eggs. Number Stickers. Pom-Poms (various sizes).

This activity is more about learning to count & read numbers... 

To prep, I placed number stickers on plastic Easter eggs & put that many pom-poms inside. The first thing Addi had to do was find the egg with the number on it that I had told to her. She would then open it & had to sort the pom-poms by size. Once we went through all the eggs (1-10) & emptied them, we went backwards. So she would again have to find the right egg with the correct number on it, but this time she got to choose which pom-poms to put inside as long as she counted them out & put the right amount inside. It was pretty fun to see how well she knew her numbers. If she had trouble finding one, I would pick out the egg with the correct number as well as one other & narrow it down to those two choices for her.  She was pretty proud of herself!!! 

Felt Cupcakes

Felt. Template (

I saw this idea on Pinterest. The only thing I added was I put the cupcakes together before hand, took a picture & printed it out for the girls to look at as they put them together. It was cool to watch Addi put them together, trying to copy the picture rather than me having to tell her verbally where everything goes. Jae didn't necessarily get the concept at first, but caught on quickly as she watched her big sister! 

Face Mask Kits

They have these types of craft kits at Hobby Lobby all the time. I love it. They come with several paper masks & Popsicle sticks (tape already on the back). All the kids have to do is color & put the stick on. If you don't have time to come up with a craft, but want to do something, these are great to turn to! 

I know crafts can take some time to prep, but if you pick your craft(s) at the beginning of the week & pick a time to prep them all, it makes it easier to pull them out at any given time during the week when you need something for your kiddo(s) to do. Have fun!!!!