Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

5 birthday girls + 60 guests + mickey mouse themed everything= awesomeness. 

I love throwing parties, but this one probably takes the cake (no pun intended). Thanks to my sister-in-law, her sister (who happens to be our Pastor's wife), a ton of planning and creating, and of course the hubby... We pulled off a pretty cool party for our girls. I'd go into detail about how we created everything, but it might take a couple of years to write out.. So if you are interested in re-creating some of these fun things, shoot me a message and I'll help ya out! 

The Dessert Table: Cake Pops, White Chocolate Popcorn, Sugar Cookies

The cake pops may have been the hardest part... Shouldn't have been, but they were. In fact, while making them we were questioning why we decided to do that.. But apparently the hard work paid off. We even had a couple people claim they were the best they had ever eaten! 

Blocked Areas, Become Like Mickey or Minnie Station, Thank You Table

Instead of putting up signs to keep people out of bedrooms and such, we put up balloons to sort of block off where people didn't need to be. Thanks to my cousin and her creativity, we had these amazing ears to hand out to all the kiddos. The thank you table was pretty fun for the kids. They picked up their thank you bag (which had their family picture, a thank you note & a sugar cookie in it) and filled it with whatever candy they wanted. 

Present Drop Off & Photo Booth

When guests walked in, there were designated boxes to put their presents/cards in for each girl. This helped the awkwardness on so many levels since not all the guests knew all the birthday girls. Then the kids were given either Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears and had a nose drawn on them. We had the families sit on the couch where we took a polaroid to attach to their thank you bags at the end of the party. It was SO FUN and a huge hit. 

Outside Party Area

With over 20 kids under the age of 10, we wanted to make sure we could do the party outside. We had a couple of pool areas, a trampoline (Mickey Mousekersize), a painting station where they painted with spray bottles, a water/sand table, an inflatable jumpy castle type thing (not sure the technical name! ha!), tables and seating for the adults and a couple other activities. It kept the kids busy for 2-3 hours with no meltdowns or injuries! 

Again, this was a ton of work, but it all paid off. We were very happy with how smooth it went and how everything came together!!!! That being said... I don't think my kids will get another party until their wedding.

Another thanks to my cousin Cayla for the Mickey Mouse ears... For more of her craftiness, visit: