Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meet the Fam.

So now that I've talked about everything under the sun, I thought it'd be appropriate to finally "introduce" my family... I'm a visual person so for those of you who are like me, I thought I'd give you a face for the name dropping that I do in my other blogs! 

ADDISON MARIE : 3 years old
Crazy. Hilarious. Nurturing. Tender Spirit.
Loves monkeys, dancing, the color orange, clothes,  friends & chicken nuggets.

JAELYN LIV: 2 years old
Fearless. Adventurous. Hilarious. Loving.
Loves singing, laughing, the iPad, airplanes and sharks.

JACOBI KAI: 7 months old
Joyful. Ticklish. Loud.
Loves to smile, giggle, babble and cuddle.

Sweet. Romantic. Funny. Spontaneous. Hot. Loving. Amazing. Smart.
Basically, everything you think a man of God, husband, and father should be... 
he is.
I love this guy..