Wednesday, April 18, 2012

more of my favorite things..

1. Zumba- Thanks to this gem of a workout, I have lost weight relatively fast and LOVE DOING IT... Regardless of your "sweet dance moves" or lack thereof, I would argue everyone should take a class. My class in particular is 75% of women 50 or older... Not joking. So if they can shake their booty, so can you.

2. Swiffer Vac & Swiffer WetJet- I'm not sure how families with little ones get by without these. I end up vacuuming our kitchen half a dozen times a day and probably have to mop at least twice. I can whip these babies out and be done in two minutes!

3. "Fruit Pouches"- This probably isn't the technical name for them, but that's what they are known by in our house. It's pureed food that comes in a pouch for the child to hold on to.  Some brands make them for babies as early as four months while others (Gerber) make them for toddler age. There are also applesauce and fruit varieties for older kids in the condiment aisle. These are AWESOME to have in your car, diaper bag, and/or purse in case you need an emergency snack! All three of my kiddos use them now. Better yet, at Babies R Us, you can purchase a spoon head that screws on to ANY fruit pouch to feed the tiny guys instead of having to open a jar, use a spoon, and possibly make a mess. I used this method at the doc's office the other day for Cobi and he devoured it.

4. Sparkling Ice- My mom introduced me to these. They are flavored sparkling waters. You can get a case at Costco. So refreshing and they claim they're full of vitamins and antioxidants..

5. Vitamins- No explanation really needed. An essential part to trying to live a healthy life. My husband, my girls and I all take them.

6. Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp- This is geared towards parents of toddler age and older, but I think every parent should read this BEFORE that age so you can start out on the right foot in raising your child. Found some good nuggets in this book.

7. Coupons- I am not an extreme coupon user, but on average, I save 20-30% a month overall in groceries and fast food/restaurants by getting the Sunday paper and clipping the ones I receive in the mail. That's a pretty significant amount! Allows me to get my Starbucks!!!

8. Yoplait Coconut Greek Yogurt- Has to be the best flavor out there.

9. Battery Operated Nose Aspirator- I have now had three children in the hospital for various respiratory issues. Every time, they have sent us home with a plethora of nasal saline and a bulb for suctioning. I'm pretty sure all kids hate their nose cleaned out. However, my children seem to not mind the battery operated one (ours plays music) and it does the job!

10. Mederma Stretch Mark Cream- Yes. I have stretch marks. I made it through two pregnancies without them, but they found me this last one. ::Sigh:: But this stuff has helped a ton! You can barely see most of them now. A tad on the expensive side, but it has worked the best out of the few creams I've tried.