Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Mother's Heart

Children change you. Its inevitable. As a parent, you start to think about others before yourself as though that has been your nature all along. You begin to see things in a different light; what truly matters in life. My children have helped me grow in so many ways. They've taught me the true meaning of patience, grace, faith, unconditional love... 

... and what it means to be a daughter. I now never miss a hug with my dad, knowing that missing one hug can break his heart. I now tell my mom how much I adore her & her relationship with God because that is the most important example a mom can set for her children & she needs to know that she did just that. And I will never stop making time to see them because I would be devastated if my own children stopped making time for me.. 

Being a mom is a blessing beyond words. Being a daughter to wonderful & loving parents is no less of one.

Thank you mom & dad.