Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Reality of 3 Under 3.

Just want to throw something out there for ya:

If you've ever come across someone that says having three kids under three is easy, they are either delusional, just trying to comfort you since you're going through the same thing, or too old to remember reality........ Haha. I'm kidding, but seriously... My children are pretty well behaved, eat & sleep well, but I don't think easy would be an accurate description of my day... In fact, it'd be a flat out lie! I mean, changing at least 15 dirty diapers a day, cleaning up orange juice out of the carpet, stepping on toys a million times, changing outfits several times due to blowouts, feeding & dressing three at the same time in the morning... all on five hours of sleep... it is a bit on the challenging side!

So here is my truth for those of you who've been misled:

Having three under three can be stressful, will probably be exhausting, and will definitely stretch you... BUT... I wouldn't have it any other way. At the end of the day, I could list out all the negative things that happened, but I couldn't possibly even begin to count how many smiles & hugs I got, how many giggles I heard, or how many times I heard "Love you mama." Those are the things that I want to remember forever.... Just so I can be one of those delusional old people that said it was easy.


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