Thursday, January 26, 2012


In the last year, we've faced hospitalizations, the "testing two's," the adjustment of a newborn & having three under three.... but nothing even comes close to matching the experience of potty training.


Okay, to be fair, Addison has done well with only a few accidents & has only been at it for four full days in which only one was at home with a normal routine, so it's hard to count the others! Also, this is MY first time so I'm already learning from my mistakes & victories. And while there are moments that I want to give up, I see the light at the end of the tunnel... which resembles a dollar sign...! 

So in hopes that my experience may help you in some form or fashion, I've written out a few things I've learned so far:

If your contemplating to potty train your child soon and you're expecting, do it before the newborn comes or wait until you're no longer nursing/pumping every 3-4 hours. Trust me, this becomes VERY inconvenient..

Potty charts work for some, not for others. I made one & put a picture of a "special prize" every five stickers so she had something to look forward to & could see what it was. While I thought this was genius on my part, I quickly learned that Addi didn't care about being rewarded, she was just going to go when she wanted to.. I'm not gonna lie, I was more excited about the chart than she was!

If your little one has siblings that aren't potty trained & you don't plan on training them at the same time, ship them off. Ha. No, but seriously. My mother-in-law took my 19-month-old for a couple of days, leaving me with just Addi & Cobi (who sleeps most of the time).  Huge blessing! This gave me the ability to give Addi more attention than I could've with her sister around.

Pull-ups took us a step backwards. She couldn't distinguish between those & regular diapers. We had to bite the bullet & just put her in "big girl undies" right off the bat & know that messes were going to be harder to clean up. BUT, the payoff was she instantly realized she had to hold it until she made it to the potty. 

If you have a kiddo like mine, you will need patience, patience & more patience. There were a couple of times that Addi knew she had to pee & refused to stop trying until she went... Good, right?! Well.. that left me sitting on a bathroom floor for an hour straight, right around the time I needed to pump (again, not good timing on my part) & make dinner. 

Lastly, but most importantly, trust your instincts. Heed advice from those around you, but know that what worked for them may not work for you. You know your child better than anyone else.. So whether you realize it or not, you're the only one that knows how to train your child in a way that they will respond well.. 

I'll reiterate an earlier point... This is only day four.. I am not an expert. So please post some useful tips for me or others that may need them! 

Happy Training.