Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ideas for the kiddos.

Keeping it real, when you are trying to balance household chores, a newborn, cooking 3+ meals a day & just life in general, it's pretty easy to sit the older two girls on the couch with the iPhone & iPad & let them play "educational" games quietly...   That being said, it's not my FAVORITE thing to do.  I really do wish I had the time to just play with them (no electronics) & not have to worry about anything else, but that ain't happenin' anytime soon!!!

So, at the beginning of the year I decided to pick two days a week that we would try a craft, new game, or just something different from their everyday toys. Thanks to Pinterest, but mainly the awesome book where I think most of those ideas came from, "The Toddler's Busy Book," I was able to compile a list of 104 things to do over the year.

It has been sooo much fun doing these things! The added bonus of making your own list is picking two games/crafts/ideas with similar materials, making it easier on the pocket! However, I love Hobby Lobby so I have to limit my travels there & try to get a month's worth at one time so I'm not tempted several times a month!

Every now & then I'll post some pictures of our fun times. Hopefully inspire some of you moms out there!

Our first fun idea was putting Tempera Paint in a Ziploc bag. Mess free (thank you Jesus!). They were able to draw or just have fun moving the paint around. We kept these on our sliding glass door for several days & they kept going back to them.

My oldest, Addi, LOVES coloring so I thought it would be fun to get window crayons and let her go at it & keep it on there to show her dad when he got home (her favorite part!)

Our second activity of that week was color sorting.  Jae, 19 months, hasn't quite mastered the skill, but had fun learning to do it & say all the colors! I basically roamed all the aisles of Hobby Lobby trying to find cheap small items that matched the color of their eating bowls that we already owned.  I put all the items in a tub & let them go at it! Of course, they had a little bit of parental help.

This next idea I got from Pinterest. The original idea was to print a picture off, cut it & put it on popsicle sticks to make a puzzle. Well, with my children, paper taped or glued on anything is just asking for it to be ruined by the end of the day.  So, for a more permanent & reusable option, I drew shapes out of glitter glue directly onto the sticks.  This is a little too advanced for Jae, so Addi & I did this during her nap.  But when she woke up, she had fun just stacking the sticks! Bonus.

So be inspired moms & have fun with your little ones while you can!